Lightweight Exchanger

The exchanger lets you continuously surf and earn points without any interruptions, pop ups or frame breakers. The exchanger is a well-rounded application with a nimble dashboard that will get you earning your first points and receiving visitors to your website instantly!

Geo-targeting & Scalability

Geo-targeting lets you receive hits from website visitors based on countries that are abundant in our network such as United States, France, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. We have delivered billions of hits to webmasters like you over the years. Our easy-to-configure manage site settings lets you choose the visit duration you desire from 10 to 60 seconds per hit with a drag of a slider! You can also set the maximum hits per hour and limit the lifetime hits of your campaigns within the manage site settings.

Purchase Traffic / In millions

We deliver high quality traffic to meet all your needs. If you are after big numbers, we can deliver millions of visits per month. Need conversions? We can guarantee real, 100% human visitors sent to your website.

Free Geo-Targeting

After creating a project you can choose what country's traffic you would like to receive. Also there is an option to get North American, South American, Asian or European traffic.

Compare 10khits and SparkTraffic

In the following chart we will compare the features that offer both 10khits and SparkTraffic services so you can decide which of the programs best suits your need in generating traffic to your website.

It is a classic traffic exchanger which means that you actually need to send them traffic in order to get some traffic to your own website, the platform keeps some part of your traffic to itself and then sells it to its clients, the traffic is not supposed to make any conversions nor does not work with ads.

  • No Free Traffic
  • Maximum 60 seconds sessions
  • Maximum 5 pages per session
  • Maximum 15% referral commission
  • Limited Bounce Rare control
  • Limited Countries Geo Targeting
  • No Cities Geo Targeting
  • No language control
  • No Return Rate control
  • No RSS supported
  • From $400 per 1M hits for 60 seconds session

SparkTraffic offers both absolutely free traffic with limited features and paid traffic with wide range of available features and with guaranteed delivery to your Google Analytics. SparkTraffic doesn't ask you to send any traffic back. Neither SparkTraffic works with ads nor does any conversions.

  • Absolutely Free Traffic offer
  • Maximum 300 seconds sessions
  • Maximum 11 pages per session
  • Maximum 30% referral commission
  • Full Bounce Rate control from 0% to 100%
  • Full Countries Geo Targeting
  • All Cities Geo Targeting
  • Choose any language you want
  • Full Return Rate control from 0% to 100%
  • Automatically fetch new URLs from RSS
  • From $49 per 1M hits for 60 seconds session